What about remodeling my new business?

Please be aware that remodeling requires a Building Permit. Please  obtain these permits before commencing any remodeling activities. Find more information about building permits in the building permit FAQs (PDF).

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1. What are the regulations and permit requirements for business licenses?
2. How do I apply as a peddler or solicitor?
3. Do I need multiple applications to apply with the city and state?
4. How do I apply on-line, by mail, or add a city of Gig Harbor addendum to your existing washington state license?
5. What are home-based business requirements?
6. What are the for-hire driver rules?
7. Are marijuana related uses permitted in the City of Gig Harbor?
8. Do I have to renew my license?
9. Is there a late fee for business license renewal?
10. What is the tax information for the City of Gig Harbor?
11. What if the business is a non-profit organization?
12. What about zoning regulations?
13. Why do I need a Fire Marshal Inspection?
14. What about remodeling my new business?
15. Can I change my sign?
16. How do I obtain a city business license list?