Climate Action Plan


The Gig Harbor City Council is interested in climate change action and understands the emergency of climate change. In January 2022 the Council adopted the City of Gig Harbor Two-Year Strategic Plan 2022-2023 and established priorities and associated goals and actions for this period. The Council established a goal to address climate change, and a project action to adopt a climate and sustainability action plan.


In July 2022 the City received a grant from the Washington State Department of Commerce Growth Management Services to address climate change through three projects:


  • Facilitate education and outreach sessions with the Climate Change Comprehensive Plan Amendment Committee (CCCPAC), and gather feedback to inform an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan
  • Adopt a Comprehensive Plan amendment incorporating climate change into the Gig Harbor Comprehensive Plan
  • Develop a climate action plan, scope discussed below in further detail

Project Scope

The consultant will manage the plan in four parts across the project timeline to allow for comprehensive feedback and review. The four parts will be synthesized into the final report in Spring 2023. The grant deadline is June 15, 2023.


Deliverable 1: Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Inventory and Analysis

  • Review relevant data sources to develop communitywide GHG emissions by source, sector, and scope.
  • Summarize GHG inventory findings to highlight key emissions sources, insights, and trends.
  • The consultant will recommend targets with tradeoffs and considerations.

Deliverable 2: Strategy and Recommendation Development and Prioritization

  • The consultant will use the GHG inventory findings to select a set of appropriate strategies for meeting the City’s climate goals.
  • After identifying potential strategies, the consultant will review outreach feedback to evaluate policies and develop strategies for incorporation into the final plan.

Deliverable 3: Public Engagement

  • The consultant will lead internal and external engagement with City Council, Planning Commission, stakeholder groups, City staff, and the public.
  • Outreach will include a public meeting, community survey, and at least one City Council and/or Planning Commission meeting.

Deliverable 4: Climate Action Plan

  • The final climate action plan will include goals and targets for GHG reduction from major emissions sources, resiliency and mitigation strategies and actions, and an implementation plan to help the City put the plan into practice.

Project Calendar

Coming soon!