Parks Appreciation Day

VOLUNTEER - You Can Make A Difference!

Saturday, April 27th (9am until noon)

Join in for this year’s annual Parks Appreciation Day! Staff from the City of Gig Harbor, PenMet Parks and Key Pen Parks are preparing great projects for volunteers from the community to give their service for the beautification of our local parks and open spaces.

Be part of a major countywide effort with nearly 2,000 other people working in their local parks at the same time. Families are welcome and there are many projects for even the youngest volunteers. Projects range from landscaping, trail work, planting, weeding, cleaning, playground maintenance, and more! This a fabulous day for community building; consider bringing your established group and bonding together in service (i.e. your church, scout group, running group, etc). If you are bringing a group, touch base with the PAD Coordinator for the park you’d like to help at, so we can be prepared for your team. Volunteers are encouraged to carpool to the sites they choose.


For more details on participation in City of Gig Harbor Parks, or to pre-register your group, contact Parks Commissioner Ben Coronado at (253) 495-3231 or

Free hot hog lunch for all volunteers at noon, Sehmel Homestead Park or Key Peninsula Civic Center.

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