General Building Services

The Building/Fire Safety Department provides for the community’s safety through administration of the City’s building code, which includes provisions for building, plumbing, mechanical and fire safety  during land development, building construction, and for the life of the  building thereafter.  In achieving the departments mission we consult  with our clients on code requirements, interpretations, and proposals  for the use of new materials and methods of construction throughout the  life of their property; and coordinate closely with other City  departments as well as other federal, state and local agencies and organizations having similar missions and responsibilities to promote  consistency in application and transparency in code development.

Building Safety

Our building safety mission involves working with clients  to assure that their development and construction projects are safe, durable and in compliance with the International Building Code and  International Residential Code as adopted by the City. In this regard we review plans and other documents for code compliance; issue permits  approving construction; inspect for compliance during construction; and  issue a Certificate of Occupancy certifying the projects compliance at  the time of final approval.

Plumbing Safety

Our plumbing safety program assures the safety of  plumbing systems connected to local commercial water and sewer systems from plumbing related health hazards and contaminants that degrade our  waste water treatment system’s effectiveness, as well as assuring the safety of other plumbed systems such as medical gas, vacuum, and fuel  gas systems. In this respect, the department administers the Uniform Plumbing Code by reviewing plans, issuing permits and performing inspections on all plumbing projects, from complete building systems to the change out of water heaters.

Mechanical Safety

Our mechanical program is similar to the others in that the  department works to assure the safety and health of the internal built  environment as well as verifying compliance with state codes mandating  energy conservation and indoor air quality. The department enforces the International Mechanical Code through the review of plans, approval of  permits and inspection of mechanical systems installed within the City. This includes mechanical systems installed in both commercial and residential structures.

Fire Safety

Our fire safety program includes both fire code  enforcement and fire cause determination components.  The City enforces the International Fire Code (IFC) for both construction requirements and  maintenance of required fire and life safety systems.  In addition, the City administers an operational permit program pursuant to the IFC  which regulates certain high risk uses and processes. Finally, the City provides for fire cause and arson investigations in the event of fires  or explosions occurring within the City limits and cooperates with Pierce Co. Fire District 5 on public awareness and information programs  on fire safety and prevention.