Building Code Advisory Board


  • Twice a year or as needed


  • Jeff Stroud, Vice Chair
    March 2020
  • Tom Bates
    March 2017
  • Mike Bitterling
    March 2017
  • Brett Desantis
    March 2020

Volunteer members of the Building Code Advisory Board must live or  work within city limits. Members serve four-year terms. The membership  is made up of:

  • Two architects
  • Two engineers
  • Two state-licensed contractors


The Building Code Advisory Board considers appeals of administrative decisions related to the building code, reviews new code standards, and makes recommendations to the City Council with regards to new standards or revisions related to the local adoption of the building code.

Additional Information

View the Gig Harbor Municipal Code (GHMC) Title 15.02 for more information on the Board's authority.