Adopt-A-Road is a citywide litter control program where volunteer organizations may contribute to a cleaner environment by adopting sections of a City road and removing litter along those sections. The program allows for volunteer organizations to demonstrate their commitment to making Gig Harbor the best (and cleanest) community in the area. 

The City of Gig Harbor invites clubs, business establishments, or groups of concerned citizens to join the program. 

For details, please contact the Adopt-A-Road Coordinator, Kris Szelmeczka, at 253-851-8136.

Get Involved
Please join us in keeping our City clean by participating in Adopt-A-Road!

Current Adopt-A-Road Sponsors                                                                

  • Conestoga Wealth Partners - Pioneer Way (Grandview Street to Soundview Drive)
  • Edge Pilates Studio - Burnham Drive (Conan Fuel to 96th Street)        
  • Dominos Pizza - Point Fosdick Drive (Olympic to 36th Street)                     
  • Gig Harbor Rotary (Morning) - Skansie Avenue (Hunt Street to Rosedale Street)                                        
  • Fred Meyer - 72nd Street (Wagner Way - 46th Street)                                     
  • Galaxy Theatre/Uptown - Briarwood Lane (Point Fosdick to 38th Avenue) 
  • Gig Harbor Democrats - 38th Avenue (City Limits - 56th)                                   
  • Gig Harbor YMCA
    • Harbor Hill (Harbor Hill Drive and Borgen Boulevard) 
    • Borgen (Burnham to Peacock Hill)            
  • Guild Mortgage - Soundview Drive (Hollycroft Street to Harborview)                                   
  • Henderson Bay High School Leadership Class - Skansie Avenue (Rosedale Street to 96th Street)                
  • Kiwanis Club/Key Club - Wagner Way (Wollochet Drive to 72nd)                                                               
  • Lions Club - North Harborview Drive                                      
  • Midday Rotary
    • Hunt Street to Kimball Drive
    • Burnham Drive (Conan Fuel to Borgen Boulevard Roundabout)
  • ReMax Exclusive - Hunt Street (38th to Skansie Avenue)                                                    
  • St. Anthony Hospital - Canterwood Boulevard (Roundabout to Baker Way)                             
  • St. Nicholas Knights of Columbus - Stinson Avenue (Grandview to Harborview) 
  • Warrior Life Martial Arts - 38th Avenue (Hunt to 56th)                                

Available for Adoption

  • Rosedale (Stinson to 54th)
  • Burnham (Woodhill - Sehmel)
  • Olympic Drive (Hollycroft Street - Point Fosdick)
  • Harborview Drive (Downtown)
  • Peacock Hill Avenue (Vernhardson Street to N Harborview Drive)
  • Peacock Hill (Vernhardson Street to 112th Street) 
  • Point Fosdick Drive (Olympic Drive to 38th Avenue)  
  • Burnham Drive (Harborview to 50th Avenue)  

The City wants to thank all of the Adopt-A-Road sponsors for doing such a great job.