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Basic Schedule ................................ Infractions are heard on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

If you received a green copy of an infraction or an e-ticket you must respond within 15 days from the violation date.  To respond you may either remit payment or request a hearing by completing the back-side of a green ticket or completing the bottom right-hand corner of an e-ticket.

Your response can be mailed or delivered to the court at 3510 Grandview Street, Gig Harbor, WA  98335.



What is a MITIGATION Hearing?

When you request a Mitigation Hearing you agree you have committed the infraction(s) bu want to explain the circumstances. The court may reduce the fine where allowed by law or you may seek a Deferred Finding to keep the infraction off your driving record.  Download Mitigation by Mail Request form. 

What is a "Contested" Hearing?

When you request a Contested Hearing you deny you committed the infraction(s). The city must prove by a preponderance of the evidence that you committed the infraction. A Contested Hearing is similar to a mini-trial. You have the right to subpoena the officer or any witness that may assist you. All witnesses must be subpoenaed NO LATER THAN 14 days before the hearing. You must also submit the list of witnesses to the City Prosecutor. The Prosecutor has the right to represent the City of Gig Harbor if he/she chooses.  You must appear in person at a contested hearing.  Hearings by mail are not allowed for contested hearings.  

What is a "Show Cause" Hearing?

When you fail to respond to your ticket within 15 days as directed on your copy of the citation OR when you fail to appear in Court as directed the Court will take action to commit your ticket, assess a penalty, and place a suspension on your driver’s license. After the Court takes this action your only option for a hearing is to request a “Show Cause Hearing” pursuant to CR LJ 60(b).  You must do so in writing, handwritten or typed. The show cause hearing is simply to address the issue of your failure to appear in Court as directed or failure to respond to your ticket as directed under IR LJ 3.2.  If the judge finds “Good Cause” or simply a good reason for your failure to respond or to appear then he/she may decide to set a hearing of your choice. You may then proceed with a Mitigation (see above description).  Download Motion For Show Cause form.  

Where does the money from a traffic ticket go?

According to the Washington Administrative Office of the Courts, the distribution of a $124 traffic ticket is:

  • $44.78 goes to the State Public Safety and Education Account. That money is spent on traffic safety programs such as the “Click It or Ticket” campaign to enforce seat belt use.
  • $44.43 goes to the city where the ticket was given. That money goes into the general fund and is generally used for Court operations, Police, or Prosecutors.
  • $17 goes to the judicial information system – a computer system that provides statewide access to records.
  • $10 is put into an auto theft prevention account, which is used to investigate and prosecute car thefts.
  • $5 is allocated for hospital emergency medical services and trauma care. This money helps treat people without insurance.
  • $2 is put into a traumatic brain injury account and used to create a support network and public awareness campaign for brain injury victims.
  • $.079 also goes to the City where the ticket was issued. The money is spent to help crime victims. The monetary breakdown remains the same for all $124 standard traffic tickets.