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Skansie Park / Welcome Plaza / Lift Station 4


Project Update 03/06/17


Work in Progress:

The City’s contractor, Stellar J Corporation has completed the installation of the TPO membrane roof system and the building is officially dried in.  The crew is also working on the construction of the plaza concrete planter boxes and other minor concrete work around the site. The electrical and plumbing subcontractors continue to work on the electrical systems inside the building and it is anticipated to have the building energized by the end of the month.  The carpentry crew is focusing on completing the plaza concrete stairs and benches in order to place the concrete slab in the plaza for the final plaza paving system.  The carpentry crew will be installing the structural steel for the rooftop stairs and then the building siding towards the end of the month.

Street work is scheduled to begin this month and the crews will be working on the installation of the new curb, gutter and ADA ramps on the project side of Harborview Drive.  Following the completion of this work, the roadway will be final graded with paving of Harborview Drive scheduled for the end of the month. Please note that this concrete work and final paving is weather dependent therefore this work may be postponed until acceptable weather conditions exist.  The City will post the scheduling of this work.

Night Closure Info:
Due to high traffic volumes and impacts to the local businesses, Stellar J and the City are trying to perform as much street work as possible at night.  The City will post any upcoming night time road closures as soon as they are scheduled.            

Temporary Traffic Configuration:
A temporary lane shift along Harborview Drive will remain in effect until the end of the project.

Pedestrian Detour:

The sidewalk adjacent to Skansie Park is closed. Pedestrians are re-routed to the sidewalk on the south side of Harborview Drive. A temporary crosswalk is part of the sidewalk closure. The pedestrian detour along this portion of Harborview Drive will remain in place until the project is completed.                                                                                                                           

February - March 2017
Construction of the Welcome Plaza to include a new building that will have two family restrooms with showers, two public restrooms, and other facilities to support the boating community that utilizes Jerisich Dock.

March - June 2017
Construction of a new public plaza with seating, shaded areas, and open space, which centers around the Gig Harbor Fishermen's Memorial.

Project Background:

This project provides for the following three separate improvements to Skansie Brothers Park:

The current restroom facility is under sized and outdated for the number of people that use this park on a daily basis. Additionally, the current restrooms are flooded by sea water during extreme high tides, rendering them unusable during these events and allowing sea water to enter the City’s sewer system. This project includes a new building with two family restrooms with showers, two public restrooms, and other facilities to support the boating community that utilize Jerisich Dock. The finished floor elevation of the new building will be raised approximately 3 feet to prevent flooding during high tide events, and the roof of the building will be an ADA accessible public viewing deck.

The City’s sewer Lift Station #4 is currently located in Skansie Park and receives approximately 1/3rd of the City’s sewer flows. Lift Station #4 has been scheduled for replacement since 2011. This project will install a new lift station with increased storage volume and improved reliability to handle the anticipated growth.

This project will also provide for a new public plaza with seating and open space, which centers around Gig Harbor’s Fishermen’s Memorial.

Starting September 6, 2016, the north half of Skansie Brothers Park will be closed to public use through the duration of the project.

An ADA accessible route is provided from the park pavilion to Jerisich Dock, which will remain open during construction. There will be periodic dock closures throughout the project but public notice will be given prior to dock closures. The Jerisich Dock boat pump-out station will be closed from Sept. 6, 2106 and operational near Memorial Day 2017. Boaters are encouraged to use the year-round boat pump-out station located at Maritime Pier, 3003 Harborview Drive. Wireless service at the dock will also be offline until construction is complete.

There will be ongoing lane closures and lane shifts on Harborview Drive and traffic control will be provided during this project. Through-traffic is strongly recommended to use alternative routes.

Access to all businesses and residences will be provided throughout the duration of the project.

Expect louder than normal construction noise during work hours including heavy vibrations, backup alarms, and large equipment motor noise.

To join the email list to receive periodic construction updates about the Welcome Plaza / Lift Station 4 Project, please email Maureen Whitaker at the City of Gig Harbor.

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