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Public Works FAQ's


Why is my water dirty and my sink stained?

The presence of the minerals iron and manganese are found at various levels in most water sources.  These minerals can cause problems from discolored water, to staining of plumbing fixtures and some may even affect taste.  These problems occur before becoming a health hazard.  Because these minerals build up over time on most portions of the distribution system, flushing is done by the Public Works staff to minimize negative effects.  Please call (253) 851-8136 to report an issue.

Should I buy bottled water?

You do not need to buy bottled water for health reasons if your drinking meets all of the federal and state drinking water standards.  Bottled water costs up to 1,000 times more than your tap drinking water.

Where does my water come from?

All of Gig Harbor water comes to you from a series of underground aquifers.  This means that the water you consume is pumped from a series of wells to your home or business through our system of pipe.

How does the City of Gig Harbor make sure that our water is safe to consume?

We are pleased to report that your water meets or exceeds all health-related standards for quality and safety, according to the State of Washington Department of Health.  The Federal Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) divides drinking water standards into two categories: Primary and Secondary.  Primary standards relate to constituents that affect public health.  Secondary standards relate to constituents that affect esthetic qualities such as appearance, taste, odor and color.

The regulatory schedule for testing the Gig Harbor Water production wells is as follows:

  • Volatile Organic Chemicals .............. Every 36 months
  • Radionuclides ................................... Every 36 months
  • Microbiological ................................. 9 times per month
  • Nitrate ............................................... Annual sample


Street Information


How do I report a street light out?

Some street lights in Gig Harbor are owned and maintained by the City and others are owned and maintained by Peninsula Light Company.  If you notice a street light that is in need of repair, you can call the Public Works Department at (253) 851-8136.  After hours call (253) 530-6888.  So that we can more quickly identify the street light’s location, please provide the address and pole number if possible.

How do I report a pothole?

The City welcomes reports from drivers about roadways in need of repair.  To report a pothole, call Public Works at (253) 851-8136.  Please provide us with the exact location.

How do I report a STOP sign that is missing or has been knocked down, or a traffic signal that is not functioning?

A STOP sign that is missing, damaged, or obstructed in some way from a driver's view creates the potential for an extremely hazardous traffic condition and should be reported to the City right away.  Call Public Works at (253) 851-8136.  After hours call (253) 530-6888. 

Sight Distance and Vegetation


There is vegetation blocking the sight distance as I enter the street.  What can be done?

Street corners covered with overgrown vegetation and other plants that obstruct our view of pedestrians, bicyclists and other cars coming our way are a definite hazard to the traveling public.  It is critical to traffic safety that these areas remain free and clear.  These areas often occur at intersections in neighborhoods where homeowners plant and fail to maintain shrubs or build fences that block a driver’s view.  Please call the Public Works Department at (253) 851-8136 to report these obstructions.


Safety Tips for Pedestrians