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Jennifer Kester

(253) 851-6170 (general planning questions)
(253) 858-6408 (fax)


Counter Hours..........................Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm

For detailed information on projects, go to or click on "Active Projects" to the right.

To be emailed notices on Planning projects, contact Cindy Andrews or text GHPLANNING to 22828.

The mission of the Planning Department is to:
  • Preserve and enhance the existing character of the City.
  • Provide excellent customer service to citizens, businesses, and land owners.
  • Ensure that all land use and development activities occurring within the City conform to adopted codes and ordinances.
  • Plan for the future expansion of the City's boundaries.
  • Work with the Planning Commission and City Council to develop appropriate land use regulations and amendments to the Comprehensive Plan.
The Department has two main functions:
    1. Current Planning - The review and regulation of land use permits for projects, such as subdivisions, apartments, commercial centers, and construction in critical areas.

    2. Long Range Planning - The development of appropriate land use regulations and amendments to the Comprehensive Plan.
    Planning Staff
    Jennifer Kester
    (253) 853-7631 Planning Director
    Peter Katich
    (253) 853-7616
    Senior Planner
    Lindsey Sehmel
    (253) 853-7615
    Senior Planner
    Kennith George
    (253) 853-7606
    Associate Planner
    Carl de Simas
    (253) 853-7628
    Associate Planner
    Diane McBane
    (253) 853-7605
    Assistant Planner
    Adam Blodgett
    (253) 851-6135
    Community Service Officer
    Cindy Andrews
    (253) 853-7625
    Planning Technician
    Leah Johnson
    (253) 853-8255
    Planning Technician 
    Melissa Hartwig (253) 851-6170 Planning-Building Clerk