Licenses / Special Events


Special Events

The purpose of the special events permit is to provide reasonable supervision of movement within city limits for runs, parades, street dances and other special events. This permit is for the protection of both persons and property.  More Details

Reserve the Shelter at City Park at Crescent Creek.
The picnic shelter and tables may be reserved by completing the Guidelines and Reservation Form.  To view the current SHELTER calendar, click here). The athletic facilities (tennis court, basketball court, and youth baseball/softball field) are available on a first-come, first-served basis only. For further questions, contact Shawna Wise.

Business / Peddler's / Solicitor's Licenses
If you are opening, operating a business, or selling goods or services within the city limits of Gig Harbor, or seeking to obtain gifts, donations or contributions of money, clothing, or other valuable things, you are required to apply for a business or peddler's license.  Business is defined as any activity, occupation, pursuits or professions with the object of gain, benefit or advantage to the licensee or to another person or class, directly or indirectly, whether part-time or full-time.  More Details

Pet Licenses
Fees remain at $17 for unaltered dogs, and $7 for altered.  The fee for Senior Citizens (65 and older) is $5 for altered dogs. It is required to renew your dog license yearly if you live within the city limits of Gig Harbor.  Please call City Hall for more information at (253) 853-7624.  If you live outside city limits, contact Pierce County at (253) 798-7445 for licensing information.  Downloadable Pet license application.

Facilities Use (City Hall)
Rooms that are available for public use include the Council Chambers, Community Room A, Community Room B, and the Lobby Area.  Any of these rooms may be rented by a qualified organization, provided that a custodian is on-shift.  Contact Shawna Wise at (253) 853-7638 for more information.

Banner Permit

The City of Gig Harbor allows the display of banners for the purpose of advertising public / civic events for non-profits only.  Such banners may be displayed for two weeks.  The designated location within the city for this purpose is on Harborview Drive near the entrance of Austin Estuary Park.  The banner is stretched above the roadway; attached to the poles on either side.  Application / Procedures