Stephen Misiurak, P.E.CITY ENGINEER

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Engineering is primarily responsible for city infrastructure improvements and the review of public development projects. This includes various permit reviews of all development that affect public infrastructure. Engineering conducts various city-wide studies in order to implement improvements to infrastructure. Engineering staff are also responsible for the planning, development and implementation of projects from the Capital Facilities Element as funded in the annual budget. This involves the design and construction management of city funded capital improvement projects for the city's transportation, water, sewer, storm water management and park improvement projects.

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Engineering Staff

Stephen Misiurak, P.E. (253) 853-7626
City Engineer 
Emily Appleton, P.E.
(253) 853-7620
Senior Engineer 
Trent Ward, P.E.
(253) 853-7637
Senior Engineer  
Marcos McGraw
(253) 853-2647
Project Engineer
William Hendrickson
(253) 853-7617
Engineering Tech 
Amy Londgren
(253) 853-7662
Engineering Tech 
Wayne Matthews
(253) 853-2646
Engineering Tech 
George Flanigan
(253) 853-7695
Construction Supervisor
Jeff Olsen
(253) 853-7661
Construction Supervisor
Maree George
(253) 853-7553
Admin. Assistant 
Sonia Billingsley (253) 853-7561
Admin. Assistant