Design Review Board (DRB / CLG)

The Design Review Board (DRB) is a seven-member committee appointed by the City Council. The Design Review Board is charged with the interpretation, review and implementation of the City's Design Manual. 
GHMC Chapter 2.21

As a Certified Local Government (CLG), the DRB also acts on behalf of the State Department of Archeaology and Historic Preservation (DAHP) to review properties that apply for listing on the City's Register of Historic Places.  For more informaton go to: Historic Preservation on this website. 

Board Members / Terms

 Darrin Filand, Chair 06/30/16
 Rick Gagliano, Vice Chair (Pln Com) 06/30/15
 David Fisher 06/30/15
 Brett Desantis
 Ray Gilmore 06/30/16
 Peter Norman 06/30/15
 Joy Peterson 06/30/17
 Cindy Andrews