Arts Commission

The Gig Harbor Arts Commission is a nine-member board appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by a vote of the Council to serve a three-year term. The Commission is authorized to encourage, conduct, sponsor or co-sponsor public programs to further the development and public awareness of fine arts and performing arts in our community.  Applicants must live or work in city limits. GHMC Chapter 2.49

Mission:  The City of Gig Harbor Arts Commission's goal is to enhance the quality of life by encouraging the fine and performing arts reflecting the community's vision and culture.

News and Highlights

CITY RECEIVES $44,000 GRANT from the Washington State Arts Commission read more →

Commission Members / Terms

 Tracy von Trotha, Chair Mar 2014 
 Charlee Glock-Jackson, VC Mar 2016
 Neil Sampson Mar 2016 
 Dale Strickland Mar 2016 
 Jeni Woock Mar 2014
 Martha Reisdorf Mar 2014 
 Vacant Mar 2016 
 Mardie Rees Mar 2014 
 Janine Miller Mar 2014
 Lita Dawn Stanton  Staff