City Administrator

Ron Williams

(253) 851-6127
(853) 851-8563 (fax)

The City Administrator is appointed by the Mayor to manage the City's daily business, to supervise all city departments and offices, and to carry out the Council's policies by directing the work of City staff.  He enforces the laws of the City, informs the Mayor and Council on important matters relating to municipal government functions, and directs the preparation of the City's budget.  The Administration Department is the official manager of City records, including City Council agendas, minutes, ordinances, resolutions and the Municipal Code.  In addition, this department manages all licensing programs.

News and Highlights

DOWNTOWN BUSINESS PLAN In 2008 the City created a Downtown Gig Harbor Business Strategy read more →

Administrative Staff

Molly Towslee (253) 853-7613
City Clerk
Shawna Wise
(253) 853-7638
Executive Assistant
Lita Dawn Stanton
(253) 853-7609
Special Projects