The City's Parks Commission hosted the second and final of two OPEN HOUSES on Wednesday November 6, 2013. Their recommendation was provided to City Council on November 25, 2013.  PARKS COMMISSION RECOMMENDATION

BACKGROUND -- The City of Gig Harbor purchased the Ancich waterfront property at 3518 Harborview Drive in August of 2012 to add to the waterfront park system. In February of 2013, City Council requested that the Parks Commission facilitate a community visioning process for the future of the property. Through the input of a broad community-based stakeholders committee of volunteers, a formal prioritized list of recommended uses was forwarded to City Council.

The Map below illustrates the proposed uses that were presented by the Parks Commission at the OPEN HOUSE on November 6.

Poster 1 yes

A list of City-wide priorities that were considered inappropriate at the Ancich site are shown below.

Poster 2 no

MORE INFORMATION -- Contact Lindsey Sehmel at, call (253) 851-6170, or visit City Hall during regular business hours.