Donkey Creek Restoration

October 23, 2013 -- On a foggy Wednesday morning, the formal Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was held at the Harbor History Museum.  The event was attended by former Congressman Norm Dicks, former Mayor Chuck Hunter, members of the City Council, representatives from the Puyallup Tribe of Indians, City staff, Construction crews and consultants, local residents, and the general public.  It marked over 12 years of visioning, planning, and construction that removed over 300-feet of 36-inch pipe to daylight Donkey Creek.

(photograph below courtesy of Lee Giles III)

paddle board at Donkey Creek

Information on the history of the site was circulated in the publication below. 


Formal ribbon cutting ...

Pictured below:  Planning Director Jennifer Kester, City Engineer Steve Misiurak, Harbor WildWatch Executive Director Lindsey Johnson, (behind - City Engineer Emily Appleton), former Congressman Norm Dicks, Mayor Chuck Hunter, Councilman Tim Payne, former Harbor History Museum President Frank Ruffo, and Councilman Steve Ekberg.

Ribbon   Cutting Donkey Creek


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Below, Councilman Tim Payne recollects his visit with Congressman Norm Dicks (far right) in Washington D.C.  Councilman Steve Ekberg (right) officiated the event and Mayor Chuck Hunter (seated) was on hand to share his praises for those who helped make the vision a reality.


The bridge and trail to Donkey Creek Park ...

Donkey   Creek

Brandon Reynon, Cultural Resource Specialist and Archeologist for the Puyallup Tribe, shared the history of the site.  A blessing by Connie McCloud, Puyallup Canoe Family dancers, and traditional songs were shared for the first time since Native Americans populated the site.



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