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Snow Plow Routes

In the event of snow, the City of Gig Harbor Public Works Crew will snow plow the following city streets.


Red 10-foot Plow:

The crews will start at the Public Works facility on Skansie Avenue:

  • Leave Shop-north on Skansie
  • Bujacich (Fire Department)
  • Sehmel Drive
  • Burnham to SR 16
  • Woodhill to city limits
  • Sehmel to Peacock Hill on Borgen
  • Harbor Hill
  • Canterwood to city limits (hospital frontage)
  • Burnham from round-about to North Harborview (freeway access)
  • Burnham from Harborview to Prentice
  • Prentice (school)
  • Fenimore from Prentice to Peacock Hill
  • Peacock Hill from North Harborview to city limits
  • North Harborview
  • Vernhardson from North Harborview to city limits

Blue 10-foot Plow:

  • Leave Shop-south on Skansie to Rosedale (school) (Chapel Hill- possible shelter)
  • Rosedale to Hunt on Skansie
  • Hunt to Grandview on Wollochet
  • Hunt from Wollochet to 38th
  • From Hunt on 38th to city limits (school)
  • 56th to Olympic
  • Pt. Fosdick from 56th to city limits (medical facilities)
  • Briarwood (connector)
  • On Olympic to Soundview (freeway access)
  • Soundview from Olympic to North Harborview (truck route)
  • Hollycroft from Soundview to Reid Road

Green 8-foot Plow 4x4: (great for the steep grades)

  • Leave Shop-south on Skansie to Harborview on Rosedale
  • Stinson from Harborview to Wollochet
  • Pioneer from Harborview to Wollochet (freeway)
  • Grandview from Soundview to street end (Police services and City services)
  • Edwards
  • Kimball from Pioneer to Soundview

This truck will also assist in steep slopes throughout the City during emergency conditions.

After routes are clear and snow has stopped, crews will fall back to side streets and/or collectors within their routes.