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Post Office Potential Relocation Update

The City recently heard from the United States Postal Service regarding the potential relocation of our downtown post office.  

Greg Shelton, USPS Real Estate Specialist sent this update, " I have sent the recommendation to the VP of Facilities to move the project forward.  We had looked at several sites and some wouldn’t work for a variety of reasons.  We are currently investigating two sites to see if we can make them work.  One is very near the city offices and the other is further north.  I am waiting on more details and will let you know once we get further down the road." 

Today, January 9, 2017, Mayor Guernsey sent the following letter to the USPS:      

Dear Postmaster General Brennan:

We are writing to you regarding the proposed move of the Post Office in downtown Gig Harbor, WA. Our primary concern is that the retail aspects of the Post Office may be displaced from the scenic and historic downtown area, which would remove the communal and economic benefits the current location provides to the City and the region.

The City of Gig Harbor is a relatively small community (9,065 population), but due in part to its historic maritime heritage and scenic position on the Puget Sound, it is has a vibrant downtown corridor and is a major tourist destination. The Post Office located in this important downtown area has been a long-time community gathering place and is a significant economic driver that compliments other retail businesses.

On November 30, 2016 the United States Postal Service (USPS) held a public meeting in Gig Harbor to discuss possible new locations for the Post Office. The City participated in the meeting along with other community leaders. In that meeting, USPS indicated a preference to keep both your carrier annex and your retail storefront together, but also remained open to options that would separate those two components. There does not appear to be any viable sites downtown that would keep both functions together, given parking and other requirements. Therefore, we are concerned that you may move the retail element outside of downtown.

Our constituents strongly prefer that a retail Post Office remains downtown even if that means placing a carrier annex somewhere else. This would maintain the significant community and economic elements the Post Office currently provides the City and the region.

We appreciate your consideration of this matter. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.


Jill Guernsey, Mayor