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New Pilot Program - Expedited Civil Permit Review Process

The City of Gig Harbor now offers an exciting new Pilot Program which is a customer option called Expedited Civil Permit Review.

Expedited Civil Permit Review is designed to complete civil permit review in 2 review cycles, each exactly 6 weeks long.

This dramatically improves predictability, efficiency, and collaboration of plan review in Gig Harbor over traditional regional methods. It can cut 75% from conventional timelines.

You may elect to use Expedited Civil Permit Review or our traditional civil plan review process, depending on which path best suits your situation and timeframe.

Please click on the Client Assistance Memo that details this new process! 

If you are interested in using the Expedited Civil Permit Review option, please contact Jeff Langhelm, Public Works Director at (253) 853-7630 or by email.