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Meeting Minutes & Recordings

The City of Gig Harbor maintains minutes of the official proceedings in which city business is conducted. The recordings and action minutes are posted and available to the public as soon as possible. For minutes of other committee meetings that do not appear in the links below, please go to the ARCHIVED MINUTES site or contact the City Clerk.

Note: AV Capture All is compatible with Chrome,  Firefox, Safari, IE 8, 9, 10 & 11, and Edge.  IE 8 & 9 require that you install Silverlight and IE 10 may be problematic.  If you are having difficulty viewing our meetings in Internet Explorer, try  upgrading to version 11 of Internet Explorer (IE11) which is a free upgrade.  XP will not upgrade to IE11.

City Council
Arts Commission
Building Code Advisory Board
Design Review Board
Lodging Tax Advisory Committee
Parks Commission
Planning Commission


Boards and Candidate Review
Finance | Safety Committee
Intergovernmental Affairs Committee
Planning | Building Committee
Public Works Committee