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The City of Gig Harbor has experienced unprecedented growth over the last 10 years.   Currently, the city is the 3rd fastest growing city in Pierce County.   In order to understand and prepare for such growth, city staff has prepared and will be presenting a series of study session discussions to the city council entitled “The Impacts of  Growth”.  These discussions will be held in study sessions at the end of each city council meeting for the remainder of 2015.  The first such presentation debuted on September 28th and highlighted the projected growth numbers in addition to other information regarding that growth.   Information from those presentations will be posted here.  The public is invited to attend these study sessions.

The Introductory Presentation:   Impacts of Growth - How Are We Growing?
September 28, 2015 PowerPoint Presentation


Staff Presentations:

 Public Works  October 12, 2015
 Planning / Building  October 26, 2015
 Police  November 9, 2015
 Finance / IT / Tourism  November 23, 2015
 Admin / Human Resources / Court  December 14, 2015
 Revenue Sources  January 11, 2016
 Police   July 11, 2016
 Public Works   July 25, 2016
 Admin / Building  / Human Resources  August 8, 2016
 Planning  September 12, 2016
 How Are We Growing  September 12, 2016
 Court / IT / Tourism  September 26, 2016
 Planning and Growth - Public Affairs Forum  August 31, 2017