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David Rodenbach

Finance Director

(253) 853-7610  /  (253) 851-8563 fax


The Finance Department is responsible for managing the city’s financial resources. This involves establishment and maintenance of procedures for processing all City revenues and expenditures. These procedures involve collecting and recording taxes and other revenues, processing accounts payable, payroll administration, treasury management, debt management, budget management, accounting, and financial reporting.

Finance Staff
David Rodenbach (253) 853-7610 Finance Director
 Jaci Auclair - Tomlinson (253) 853-7624   Senior Accountant
Linda Gratzer (253) 853-7627  Payroll Administrator
Janis Gibbard (253) 853-7696  Finance Technician
Peggy Wright (253) 853-7633  Finance Technician
Michael Williams (253) 530-7030  Finance Technician