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Honorable Michael Dunn


“It is our goal to meet the needs of the public through accessibility, accountability, and quality customer service while protecting the rights of the accused, victims, and the citizens of Gig Harbor.”

Judge Dunn was appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council (RCW 3.50.040) in January of 1999. The Gig Harbor Municipal Court has exclusive jurisdiction over all criminal misdemeanors and gross misdemeanors, infractions, and parking violations that occur within the city limits arising under state statutes and city ordinances. The Municipal Court offers a number of services for defendants under court order to comply with conditions of probation, as well as, services and resources for victims. Victims of domestic violence may obtain Temporary Protection Orders using the kiosk provided by Pierce County Superior Court.

As the Court Administrator, Stacy Colberg ensures that the Gig Harbor Municipal Court improves upon the daily operation of the court by utilizing all court resources with a well-trained staff of court employees.

Court main office............................................ (253) 851-7808 voice
Court fax number ........................................... (253) 853-5483 fax
TRS / TTY Access .............................................. 711

Hours of Operation ......................................... Mon-Fri | 8 am to 5 pm


Court Schedule and Policy Changes

Gig Harbor Municipal Court is implementing a revised criminal court schedule and new policies listed below.

Late Arrival Policy: Attorneys or defendants that arrive late for a scheduled court appearance on the criminal docket will be bumped to the end of the docket at 3:00p.m. The Court can no longer accommodate late arrivals or walk-ins due to the increased caseload. It is very important that court users arrive in court and be prepared to proceed on the day and time stated on the ticket, summons, subpoena, or court notice. Once court begins, roll call is generally taken. If you arrive late, or if your name/case is not called, you should notify court staff immediately. Notifying court staff in advance of late arrival is appreciated and can help avoid a warrant in criminal cases.

Policy for Modifying/Rescinding Domestic Violence No Contact Order: The court has adopted a new policy and procedure for modifying or rescinding a DV No Contact Order. Effective June 1, 2017 ONLY a protected party may modify or rescind a RCW 10.99 No Contact Order. The protected party is required to contact the Court and follow the step-by-step procedure to modify or rescind a No Contact Order. Instructions are available on the court FORMS link.

Policy for Community Service in Lieu of Fine: You must first be deemed indigent by the Judge to be eligible to perform community service in lieu of a fine. The forms and instructions are available under the court forms link and at the court office. Upon filing a Motion and an Application for Indigency Determination with the court, a hearing will be scheduled. Those defendants currently deemed indigent by this court (i.e. have a public defender appointed to the case) are eligible to perform community service in lieu of a fine. You must have parent permission (if under age 18) and follow rules and procedures set forth. Community Service must be completed either at the Gig Harbor Civic Center or through a non-profit agency from the approved list. It is your responsibility to contact an agency from the approved list that interests you and meet the guidelines for that agency.

Warrant Quash Policy: A defendant may appear in person at the counter no later than 12:00pm on any day the criminal calendar is in session (Wednesdays) and schedule a quash hearing at 1:30pm the same day. The clerk shall schedule only the warrant quash hearing. The in-court clerk is responsible for scheduling any other hearings including the hearing the defendant failed to appear for that resulted in the warrant. The warrant is not quashed until the defendant appears in court and is so ordered by the judge.

The clerk shall provide a list of walk-in add-ons to the prosecutor and public defender before 1:00pm on the hearing date.

Failure to Appear at Warrant Quash: Should a defendant fail to appear for a warrant quash hearing, the hearing(s) is stricken and the warrant remains. The defendant may subsequently appear in person at the counter no later than 12:00pm on any criminal calendar without paying warrant fee(s) upfront; however, the defendant is subject to arrest and risks being arrested at the counter. In the alternative, defendants may turn themselves in to any law enforcement agency during business hours or the local jail and have the warrant served, or post full cash bail at the court office, or utilize a bail bond agent for posting bail, or risk being arrested by law enforcement.

Attorney Infractions 8:59 am Kitsap Jail Transports 9:05 am (arrival 8:30)

Private Attorney Cases 9:00 am
Warrant Quash 12:59 pm (start time 1:30)

Pierce Jail Transports 1:20 pm (12:00 arrival) All Public Def 1:00 pm

Pro Se Cases  1:05 pm

Special Set 3:00 pm
NCO Mtn Rescind
Arraignments 10:00 am

Aty Late Arrivals 3:00 pm
Lunch Break Noon-1:30

Court Officers | Staff

Michael Dunn Judge                                                       (253) 851-7808

Stan Glisson, Prosecutor                                               (253) 851-8136

Kellie Clifton, Dept of Assigned Counsel                   (253) 798-6959

Stacy Colberg, Court Administrator                           (253) 853-7619 

Please note: The office of the City Prosecutor does not accept electronic service or notice of any kind, either by fax or email, for any purpose, absent specific agreement