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Gig Harbor Comprehensive Plan

The City of Gig Harbor 2016 Comprehensive Plan (PDF) was developed in response to the requirements of the Washington State Growth Management Act (GMA). The Plan integrates citizen's ideas, concerns and preferences into statements on how the City should be developed, what development regulations should accomplish, and what facilities and services levels are needed. The Comprehensive Plan expresses Gig Harbor’s vision of itself and what it would like to become, and is the policy underpinning for all of the city’s planning activities. The City’s first GMA Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 1994.

Comprehensive Plan Amendments -- The City reviews requests to amend its Comprehensive Plan annually. Any citizen or property owner can apply for a Comprehensive Plan amendment. Applications are due on the last business day of October for review the next year. In the spring of every year, the City Council decides which requests will be forwarded to the Planning Commission for review. The Planning Commission holds work-study sessions and public hearings and then provides a recommendation to the City Council. If the Council chooses to adopt any amendments, they must do so by the end of each year.

Amending the Comprehensive Plan

The City of Gig Harbor accepts public and private applications for Comprehensive Plan Amendments each year until the last working day of October.

Application materials can be found here: Comprehensive Plan Application/Checklist

For more information please contact Senior Planner Lindsey Sehmel at (253) 853-7615.