COMING SOON - Odyssey eFileWA

Picture1Electronically File Court Documents with Odyssey eFileWA

Odyssey eFileWA empowers attorneys and self-represented litigants to automatically file documents with the Gig Harbor Municipal Court , in real time, from anywhere — 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This completely automated system provides all filers with the opportunity to work remotely using mobile tools and to transition from an inefficient, paper-based process to a streamlined, web-based eFiling system. Odyssey eFileWA reduces the cost and personnel needed to print, copy, store, deliver, and file legal documents, resulting in increased efficiencies and productivity.

Powerful Features 

Streamline filing processes statewide amongst CLJ courts and reduce reliance on paper with the Odyssey eFileWA solution that provides:

  • Instant access to electronically filed and stamped copies of documents, once approved by the court, saving time for filers.
  • Use your mobile computing device to file at any time, seven days a week; this eliminates the need to go to court, stand in line, or process paperwork.
  • Electronically serve all interested parties in the case and receive online tracking information via email for fast and easy verification.
  • For attorneys, it will generate an audit trail as well as logs and reports that represent your office’s filings, and sort reports based on primary parties, date range, and document type.
  • Pay statutory filing fees and other court fees such as jury demand or appeal fees online.
  • Receive optional status notifications by email indicating if filings were submitted successfully, if they were accepted or rejected, if the service was undeliverable, or if the filing submission failed.
  • Submit multiple documents in one envelope, eliminating the need for separate submissions for each pleading.
  • Eliminate the time and cost of printing, copying, packaging, and delivery of paper documents.
  • Potentially end or significantly reduce courier costs for document delivery.
  • eCheck and credit card convenience fees and fees for filing documents in a case will be applied. Those fees will be waived for persons who are indigent, qualified legal services providers, state and local government entities, and domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking protection orders.