"NW" Directional Project


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What is Next Generation 911?

The 911 system in Pierce County is undergoing updates to ensure new and existing technologies can provide accurate location information to call-takers during emergency calls.  These updates and upgrades are happening across the state, and nation.  As the existing 911 system moves toward the Next Generation 911 (NG911) standard, knowing the precise location of calls for service becomes even more important. 


When fully implemented, NG911 will be able to process an emergency call from almost any source, in almost any format – including voice, text, photos, video-streams, and electronic sensors.

How does this impact addresses in Gig Harbor City Limits?

Gig Harbor is required to update addressing to properly function with the NG911 infrastructure.  Calls originating from inside the Gig Harbor city limits are routed to South Sound 911, in Tacoma for answering.  South Sound 911 is a modern and consolidated public safety answering point that also provides dispatching services for the majority of public safety agencies inside Pierce County.  The systems used by South Sound 911 for call handling and dispatching conform to these NG911 standards.

To ensure the community served within the city limits of Gig Harbor is receiving the upmost precise, and fastest response in case of an emergency, we too are required to adhere by those standards. 

While most of the addresses within the Gig Harbor city limits are compliant with those standards, there are some properties that are still utilizing the directional “NW” that does not correlate to the rest of city limit addressing standards. This inconsistency impacts both the emergency call routing system and U.S. postal service. The elimination of the “NW” directional must be consistent throughout the city limits to be compliant with both the Federal Emergency Response and U.S. Postal Service Addressing Standards. 

Is my address changing?

All properties within the Gig Harbor City Limits that currently have “NW” as a directional will be modified. About 2,061 of these properties in the Gig Harbor City Limits will have the “NW” directional eliminated. These properties have been identified, because their addresses do not match the standard that allows first responders to easily locate them. Parcel owners affected as well as the public will be notified.

When will my address change?

This modification will go into effect September 30th, 2019. Property owners with affected property will receive mail notice from the City of Gig Harbor. Property owners will receive at least 2 months’ notice of this change. The United States Postal Service will deliver to both the old and new addresses for one year after the change goes into effect. A "Change of Address" with the United States Postal Service should NOT be submitted as they have already been notified.

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Road name signage and house number

Whether your home is addressed off a public road or private road, the City of Gig Harbor will update the roadway signs as a courtesy to all city limit residences.  Please be aware that for first responders to find your house, you must have your house number displayed prominently in a location visible from the road. This is a great time to inspect the numbers on your home and ensure they are properly displayed!

Example of Address Modification:

Current Address:

1234 Happy Lane NW, Gig Harbor, WA 98335

New Address:

1234 Happy Lane, Gig Harbor, WA 98335

Where can I learn more?

The City of Gig Harbor has developed this webpage with information about this Next Generation 911 project. Below, you will find a City of Gig Harbor map that indicates the city limits. Property owners can check to see if they are within city limits and will have the “NW” directional eliminated. 

If you have questions about the project, call 253.851.6170 or email ghnwproject@cityofgigharbor.net

Do I live within the Gig Harbor city limits?

Please see the map below. The shaded area indicates properties within city limits that will have the "NW" designator removed.

"NW" Directional Project Streets Map