Call to All Photographers

The Gig Harbor Arts Commission is calling all photographers and historians of Gig Harbor!

The Art Commission is in the process of digitizing all of the wonderful public artwork here in the Harbor. Select photographs will be posted on the City of Gig Harbor's website along with a small description of the work and the artist that created it. There are also future plans to implement the photos into an app that can be used as a walking art tour of our beautiful City.

What's Needed

We are looking for clear photographs of the artwork with the main focus being the art. The stipulations are the photographs must be your own original photographs, the art has to be within the City Limits of Gig Harbor, and permission must be granted for the City to use your photographs. We would like the location of the artwork.

Please email the Gig Harbor Arts Commission your photographs, narrative, and your contact information. You can also email any questions you might have.

Background & History Needed

There are several public pieces of art that have been donated to the city over the years. In some cases, we know little about the background and history. We are gathering as many details as we can to share these stories. If you have information on donated art, please email the Gig Harbor Arts Commission. This information will be included in the inventory of city art.