Impact Fees and General Facilities Charges

In order to maintain adopted levels of park service, transportation facilities, and impacts on the school district, the City has adopted impact fees as a mechanism to charge and collect funds to ensure that all new development bears its proportionate share of the capital costs.

Chapter 19.12 of the Gig Harbor Municipal Code defines:

  • How impact fees are calculated
  • How to request credits from impact fees
  • Establishing the time for making a credit request
  • The manner in which credit will be given for unconstructed system improvements
  • The method for appeal of a requested credit towards an impact fee
  • The effect of a developer's early payment of impact fees

Current Partial List of Impact Fees

Type of Fee
Fee Amount
Park Impact Fees - Residential - Single Family Units $1,500
School Impact Fees - Multi-Family Units $2,035 per unit
School Impact Fees - Residential $3,858
Transportation Impact Fee Residential Only $2,124
Transportation Impact Fee Other  

Storm Water General Facility Charge & Calculation

Impervious Area (sf)
Calculation 2,200 sf = 1 unit

General Facility Charge: $1770.00 per unit
Total Fees

Water Service General Facility Charge & Meter Installation Charges

Meter Size Capacity Factor(s) General Facility Charge
(Inside City Limits)
General Facility Charge
(Outside City Limits
Meter Charge Total Fees
3/4" 1.00 $7,300.00 $10,950.00 $486.00 $
1" 1.67 $12,191.00 $18,286.50 $567.00 $
1- 1/2" 3.33 $24.309.00 $36,463.50 $1,130.00 $
2" 5.33 $38,909.00 $58,363.50 $1,800.00 $
Over 2" (per AWWA formula) $ (per City formula) $ (per City formula) $ (TBD) $

Basic Sewer System General Facility Charge

General Facility Charge - Inside City Limits: $9,640.00 #ERU's* Total Fee
General Facility Charge - Outside City Limits: $14,460.00   $____________.00
Equivalent ERU Calculation